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FaceCradle was invented by a prolific traveller and winner of mulitple international design awards, David Scrimshaw.  He was tired of the disappointment of regular neck pillows.  His partner (now wife), Roz, commented on a long haul economy class flight, "if only something could hold my head like this."  She was leaning forward, holding her head in her hands.

David looked across the isle and saw a guy with his head flopped forward, "wearing" a neck pillow.  It wasn't providing any support at all.  David said "Yes but those things are sold by the thousands and are useless".  It was then he began sketching.

David set out to put an end to sleepless long haul journeys.  He studied all the dynamics of seated travel and realized the fundamental mistakes of the neck pillow and other devices.  The best position is most often NOT with your head upright.  Travel pillows simply don't have enough adjustable comfort positions and do nothing to support and hold your head and body as you slump into sleep.  

The result truly provides an Upgrade to Sleeping Class and has finally changed long haul travel forever.

In transit, FaceCradle is the next best thing to a flatbed seat. We hope it brings you many more hours of sleep in and you arrive happy and rested, ready to go.

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