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FaceCradle Wanderlust  Price in AUD.

FaceCradle Wanderlust Price in AUD.







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  • Why FaceCradle is an Upgrade to Sleeping Class.

    Lighter, more contoured and compact, yet provides optimum comfort and support.

    It features -

    • FaceCradle's patented two pillow system.
    • Internally reinforced frames, 21 parts in total.
    • Hypoallergenic Memory Foam
    • Removable, washable brushed velour covers each with handy zippers.
    • Adjustable and detachable harness with safety release clip.

    This product is your best option for sleep in economy and here's why:-

    When you try to sleep in an economy seat, the first thing you do is try to get your head closer to horizontal.  That is the way you normally sleep. 

    FaceCradle was designed to hold your head AND body in YOUR most comfortable position.  By providing many comfort options it allows you to toss and turn to optimize your ability to find a position where you can sleep for the longest time.

    When you think about it, it is simple.  When you sleep each night, your bed does not fall away. It holds your head horizontally (not upright) and to get to sleep you must toss and turn a few times until you find that sweet spot.  If you can't find that sweet spot the stress builds and it becomes even harder to sleep.

    We have a chuckle at people who use a regular neck pillow that since 1941, has been the same shape as a toilet seat yet they say they wouldnt feel "comfortable" using a FaceCradle because it looks like one. 

    When you're asleep in a dark cabin at 30,00 ft using a FaceCradle, take a guess who the uncomfortable ones are :-)  More importantly, observe how they look and might feel, when they arrive.

    Ask yourself this question. When trying to sleep sitting upright, how often have you leaned forward holding your head in your hands thinking, if only something could hold my head here?  Well, now FaceCradle does this for you.  

    Because FaceCradle works, it compares to the cost of an upgrade to extended leg room, premium or business class, not to any conventional or latest fad travel pillows.

    Our Recommendation:

    Our sole purpose is to get you more sleep in transit. 

    Thats why we recommend you "Upgrade to Sleeping Class" and arrive rested and happy.

    *Not suitable for children under 5yo.

  • Warranty & Returns Policy

    Your FaceCradle product is shipped in perfect condition and is guaranteed for life against manufacturing or design related fault.  It has been stringently designed, developed and tested to endure all the riggers of typical use.  We know the product works better than any travel pillow. That is why we stand behind FaceCradle and have full confidence in its performance. 

    To protect the environment, our policy does not support dumping to landfill or use of additional energies to refund, replace or repair your FaceCradle if the purchaser ordered by mistake or the product was damaged during use.  In the rare case of a manufacturing or design related fault, the product will be replaced including the cost of freight.  Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd reserves the right to request the purchaser to return the replaced product with the freight cost at the purchasers expense and/or provide photographic evidence of the condition.  Any exchange will be authorized at the sole discretion of Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd and will not be unreasonably denied.


    Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd are not responsible for delays at customs entry or associated with air freight transit, however we do want to ensure you receive your product and enjoy many extended hours of sleep.  We are reasonable people and if we did something to let you down, we will immediately correct it.  We invite you to contact us at for further assistance and support or to request a full copy of our policy.

  • Shipping Info

    Your FaceCradle store order will be picked, packed and despatched within 2 working days and shipped by air using only reputable and reliable carriers. 


    Transit time from our warehouse in China is between 9-12 working days.  Add a few days if you live in a remote area, for delays in local customs clearance or due to poor airfreight weather conditions. 


    Please be sure that someone is at the delivery address you provide during busines hours to avoid your order being returned to sender. 


    Any damage to the product in transit is covered by us with a replacement unit.  Photographic evidence will be required.  For further information please email us at

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